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As there are now so many variables to voice over work it is no longer practical to publish a standard rate card. However as cost is a factor in most decisions I appreciate the need to give you some idea of what to expect.

Depending on what you require, you can expect to pay from $50 upwards.

Voice over rates vary widely depending on the following factors:

  • Target market: TV commercial, radio commercial, website, e-learning, in-house corporate video, phone system / IVR prompts etc.

  • Recording requirements. I can do most work in my home studio at no extra cost, but sometimes clients want me on site or at a different studio.

  • Additional processing, such as mixing in other audio.

  • Turnaround time.

Above all I believe in being reasonable. I'll work with you to get a deal that we're both happy with.

In the past I have even done work for students for free. Unfortunately I have had a few bad experiences doing that. In some cases after spending hours doing reads, editing it, and sending them the audio files, they didn't even have the courtesy to say thank you. I do have a 'day job' (see, so I will only take on work that pays and/or leads somewhere.


If you have a project that you think I would be a good match for, call or drop me an e-mail, we can then discuss it, and I'll give you a quote.


I accept payment by check or PayPal.