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Below you will find a number of my demos, which will give you a good idea of my sound and style.

Just click on the Play    links to play the audio live, or you can use the Download  links to download the files to your computer.


Straight read:

My style, my personality!

As others have said "Steve, you're fun to be around. You say what we're all thinking, but wouldn't dare to say out loud."

"Lawyers make me laugh"    Play:     Download: 
"New trends in GPS car navigation"    Play:     Download: 
"Americans have stopped buying cars"    Play:     Download: 

(And yes, this is all original material).


Website promo with background audio:

For those that are audacious enough to put audio on a website.

And yes, this is my 'day job'. You can find out more at

Digital Design website    Play:     Download: 


Advertising demo:

And no, I can't do the Gecko. But I can probably do his crocodile hunting cousin from Australia.

Advertising demo    Play:     Download: